Introduction to KakaoTalk PC version

The most popular messenger, KakaoTalk, is available as a PC version. By adding only the essential features, you can chat and call more easily than on mobile. It is available for download on Windows and macOS operating systems.

Introduction to KakaoTalk PC version

Main function of KakaoTalk PC version

Easy Chat

KakaoTalk can always be used for free as long as you have a network connection. You can chat with friends anytime, anywhere and share various types of multimedia, including photos and videos. You can use various chat features such as 1:1 chat and group chat.

KakaoTalk PC version chat
Kakao Talk, Voice Talk, Face Talk

Voice and video calls

It provides voice talk and face talk functions that allow you to call your friends in real time. You can call your friends and communicate about your daily life wherever you are.


You can use your own unique profile. You can decorate your photo or background, add it to your profile, and even add anniversaries, verification badges, etc. With the multi-profile feature, you can use different profiles for each workplace or friend.

KakaoTalk Profile
KakaoTalk Talk Calendar

Talk Calendar

You can register, collect, and manage various schedules such as anniversaries and meeting appointments for each user at once. You can set various schedules, such as custom schedules and private schedules, and by adding a calendar channel, you can even receive notification services according to your schedule. Available on PC and mobile.

Open chat

KakaoTalk users can come together and create an open chat room. It is full of various topics according to your interests, and you can do activities such as making new friends and sharing information.

KakaoTalk open chat
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